About Us

Salacia Yachts are vessels of timeless beauty and elegant design.
This is the vision which owners William Manning and Peter Klumper have achieved with the creation of Australia’s most exciting semi-custom craft.

As the son of an avid sailor, William Manning grew up surrounded by classic timber sailing yachts and their colourful crews, racing on Sydney Harbour. ‘I was fascinated with the beauty of timber yachts and powerboats’ recalls William. ‘Designers such as Sparkman & Stephens, William Fife as well as the Halvorsen Family were all heroes of mine from a young age.’
After completing university William worked in Europe on private vessels and sailed competitively in the UK and North America. Since returning to Sydney in 2004 William has owned and operated successful businesses in areas of marine maintenance and construction including shipwrighting, marine mechanical repair and commercial diving.

Peter Klumper, is a motor racing enthusiast who regularly races the Lotus 7 which he built in his spare time. A diesel/marine technician by trade, Peter held the role of service manager for Australia’s largest new boat retailer for over 10 years before re-locating as manager of sales and service at Sydney Harbour Slipways, Kirribilli in 2012.

 ‘We have invaluable experience from working in the marine service industry’ says William, ‘We understand how to build a vessel that requires minimal maintenance and we also understand what features owners find useful and those systems which are redundant. We also see a lot of generic sports cruisers and powerboat designs. We felt strongly that there was a need for something special; a modern classic.